Day 101 Survived weekend of revelry

Day 101  Monday, May 17, 2010

Weight:  174.2

I survived a weekend of partying and gained minimal weight (0.2 lbs.) by Sunday evening, now down to 174.2 lbs., another record low.  It’s just hard to imagine losing a pound from nighttime burn and elimination.  Down in one week from 183.4 to 174.2, 9.2 lbs.  I don’t quite believe it.


Snack:  1/2 oz pecans – 85.

Breakfast:  2 oz squash – 20.

Lunch: 1.5 oz chicken leg – 100, 2 oz squash – 20, 1 oz granola – 140, 1 oz mixed seeds – 165.  Total – 425.

Snack:  1 oz granola – 140, 1 oz mixed seeds – 165.  Total – 305

Nextspace event:  Johnson Sausage and Rally Up doing videos of us eating sausage:  3.5 oz beef and pork sausage:  350.

Dinner: 8:30 PM  3 oz asparagus lightly oiled – 60, 2.5 oz salmon with garlic – 145, 2.5 oz rasberries – 35,  total – 240

Total 5/17/2010 = 1,425 calories


Prediabetes – What is it?

Prediabetes is the state in which some but not all of the diagnostic criteria for diabetes are met.  One test is for Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT).   This and other terms are defined in a Wikipedia Glossary of Diabetes

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recognizes this as America’s Largest Epidemic already affecting 57 million living Americans, some in various stages of dysfunction.

The answer is clear:  eat real whole foods to get the nutrients your body needs.  That will stop the body from driving you to eat and eat.  That will allow your stomach to shrink so that you can eat small amounts throughout the day.  Your body will love you for it!  A whole food is something that grew up and was not processed in such a way as to reduce or distort its natural ingredients.  A real wheat grain is whole food but flour is not.  A strawberry is whole food but strawberry jam is not.  Chicken meat is whole food but deep fried chicken with flour/whatever breading is not.

Treat your family and yourself to whole foods and avoid or reduce the chance of diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Day 100 Life has changed

Day 100  Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weight:  175.4

Life has changed:  Clearly this lifestyle change is on a trajectory to permanence.  But I’ve met enough dieters who have slid backwards to understand that “permanence” is relative in the diet world.  Onward, friend, to happily thin.  Question:  why does “thin” have a kind of bad connotation in America as in, “She’s sooo thin!”  It should be that fat, overweight, obese have the bad connotation since those are the states that lead to premature death.


Breakfast:  2 oz mixed fruit – 30, 4 oz coffee – 1, 2 oz lean pork – 82, 1/4 oz – 45.  Total – 158.

Lunch:  2.5 oz lean pork 105, 3 oz apple – 45, 1/2 oz squash – 20.  Total – 170

Dinner:  12 0z strawberries – 110, 4 oz dill pickle – 15, 1.5 oz mixed seeds – 250

Drink with friend:  2 oz premixed Marguerita (a deviation) – 100

Snack:  1 oz pecans – 195

Total 5/16/2010 = 875 calories

Day 99 Stresses of “No processed food diet”

Day 99  May 15, 2010

Weight:  no data today

Link:  this link thanks to friend Carol N.  Cornucopia Institute Looks interesting.  I don’t know much about it.  Their recent post says that veggie burgers are being made with hexane which is illegal in “organic foods” but is legal in “foods made with organic ingredients”.  Hexane, a neurotoxin, is a gas like propane only heavier.

Stresses in eating a whole foods diet:

  • It takes time to think about how not to get cornered into eating processed food.
  • It’s taking some time to get a real nutritionist’s diet plan but a professional nutritionist friend is making one available to me this coming week.
  • For example it’s unique for me to start asking food service folks how the food is prepared but I now feel so compelled.
  • For example just in 24 hours people want to go out to eat.  A brother-in-law brought a pizza by last night (no interest in that).  Family ate late night snacks and the only whole foods on the table were apples and apricots (fine).  I’m going to a buffet tonight.  Will they have any whole foods?  They are featuring Filet Minon.  Will it be full of salt?  I can avoid the sauces.  They should have fruits and veggies.

OMG, look at shrimp – all protein and nutrients!  Go to the USDA Database of Nutrients and put in the keywords:  moist shrimp.  Then click the round button next to the one choice available and click “submit”.  then enter .2835 next to the already checked box.  this will give the amounts for one ounce.  Click the submit button and look at all the nutrients.


Breakfast:  3 oz avocado – 75, 2 oz butternut squash – 20, 2 oz fruit in 4 oz coffee – 25, 2 oz banana – 50, 1/2 oz seeds – 90, 2.5 oz leanest pork – 105.  Total – 365 calories.

Lunch:  Deviation – 1/2 oz processed American cheese – 45 cals, 2 oz avocado – 50, 3 oz apple – 45, 1/2 oz mixed seeds:  85.  Total – 225

Dinner:  Wedding celebration buffet featuring filet minon. Bound to be 1,000 calories even if whole foods are consumed if care is not taken.  OK, now here’s what happened at the buffet (90 minutes):

1.  6 shrimp medium. 2 oz – 55
2.  4 oz prime rib salted – 460
3.  2 oz spinach salad with lite sweet something – 100 (guestimate)
4.  1.5 oz pineapple – 20
5.  2.5 oz sweet melon – 25
6.  4 oz filet minon – 220
7.  3 oz sushi roll – 150
8.  2 oz banana cake – 250

Dinner total – 1,280!

Total 5/15/2010 = 1,870 calories

Day 98 Proselytizing

Day 98  Friday, May 14, 2010

Weight:  175.2  It’s alarming to lose 8.4 lbs between Monday midnight and Friday 6 AM!  It took two weeks to slowly gain that.  How much is really salt related water weight?

Breakfast:  3 oz strawberries –  30, 1/3 cup oatmeal – 50, coffee with 1 oz apple – 15, 1 oz banana – 25 and 1 oz onions – 40 as sweeteners/flavors.  Total – 160 cals.

Lunch:  1 oz mixed seeds – 165, 1 oz strawberries – 10, 2 oz banana – 50.  Total – 225.

Dinner:  3 oz avocado – 75, 5 oz very lean pork – , 2 oz strawberries – 20, 2 oz blackberries – 25, 1/2 oz mixed seeds – 90.  Total – 210.

Snacks:  3 oz strawberries/melon/blackberries – 35, 1 oz seeds – 165, 2 oz banana – 50, 3 oz. pecans! – 590!  Total – 840!

Total 5/14/2010 = 1,685 calories.


  • The girls had Thai food.  It would have cost me $15 to get a piece of steamed catfish so I went down the road and bought some whole foods: avocados, bell pepper and some very lean (believe me, overly lean) pork.
  • I proselytized to more people.  when I would tell them I was down 35 lbs, most would want to know how (not everyone).  I told them “whole foods” and given the chance would tell them more.  It’s still clear that there needs to be a way to “can open” those in need to get it and to believe it can work:
  • 1.  A Kragen’s employee, maybe 25, already in good shape.  He knew how bad processed foods are.
  • 2.  Courtenay in the Grocery Outlet where I got the few whole foods.  She was providing samples of salami and crackers.  She has been hearing about the diabetes epidemic and was interested in how to lose weight.
  • 3.  In Safeway a gentleman who was maybe 5’5″ and weighed at least 350 lbs.  He could hardly walk around.  He had just put into his shopping cart a big container of chocolate chip cookies, bread, pasta, macaroni salad.  He listened but didn’t ask any questions, said “Thank you” and left.  Did he realize that he was pumping calories instead of nutrients?
  • 4.  A lady in the Safeway line.  She wanted to lose weight but didn’t want to know how so I kindly baited her and she said, “OK, how?”  I said “whole foods”.  She “got it” but is not actually ready to change anything.
  • 5.  A lady at the Scotts Valley Safeway who could easily lose 100 lbs.  She was riding a bicycle with a little electric motor.
  • Six of us sat around the table last night including my family of four and my wife’s sister Esther and hubby bro-in-law Mike.  There was a lot of discussion of food because Sara has been learning how to cook tasty things and Esther loves to cook.  There was also discussion of 2 lb. hamburgers and other excessive eating.  Whatever people said, they don’t yet get that these are components of the toxic environment that is the “Western Diet”.  The glorification of savory tasting food in great quantities has been enculturated.  It doesn’t take long to reverse once the blinders are lifted but it’s a wall until then.

Day 97 Why am I not hungry?

Day 97  Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weight:  176.6  5/13/2010


  • Was 183.4 Monday night, down to 176.6 Thursday early morning.
  • This must be “salt water weight”?   The Atlanta trip included consumption of much more salt and processed food and the subsequent elimination of much of it over the past two days (52 hours really).
  • I’m now on the 30 day experiment to minimize processed food.
  • I’m almost back to the minimum 176.0 and can resume losing “real weight” this week.

Why am I not hungry?  I had about 750 calories yesterday.  This morning I’m a little hungry but not famished.  Yet at that calorie level, my body must be burning almost three times as much as I’m eating.  Wow.  No headache last night.

Breakfast (early):  1/3 cup full oats oatmeal – 50, 6 oz coffee black (deviation: it’s instant) – 1, 2.5 oz avocado – 63, 2 strawberries – 5, 1.5 oz banana – 38, 1 poached egg – 90.  Total = 250.  I couldn’t finish all the oatmeal!  Eating healthy is rewarding.

Lunch:  3 oz avocado – 75, 1 oz banana – 25, 2 oz beans’n’carrots – 40.  Total – 140

Snacks:  1.5 oz mixed seeds – 250, 3 oz onions – 110, 1.5 oz chicken leg 100, 2.5 oz potato –  65.  Total – 525.

Dinner:  3 oz sweet potato -65 ,  1.5 oz chicken leg – 100.  total – 165

Snacks:  3 oz melon – 30,  total – 30

Total 5/13/2010 = 1,110 calories

Day 96 30 Day “minimize processed foods” diet

Weight:  178.4  5/12/2010

This is the day I began the 30 day experiment of eating non-processed or minimally processed foods.

Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal from “full oats” – 50 cals, coffee (deviation – instant this morning), used 6 oz strawberries – 110 cals – for sweetening, NO table sugar, NO high fructose corn syrup laden dry creamer!  Total cals = 165.

Lunch (and snacks from 12-4PM):  2 oz butternut squash – 22, 1 oz onions – 37, 2 oz apple – 30, 1 oz banana – 25, 1 oz mixed seeds – 155, 1 oz strawberries – 9, 2 oz. vegetable broth (home made) – 20, 3 oz pear – 50.  Total cals = 350.

Note:  I know how much of each because I packed lunch and snacks and took them with me.  Part of a pear and two strawberries were all I ate outside of the lunch bag.

Dinner:  4.5 oz Avocado – 115, 1.5 oz chicken leg – 100.  Total cals = 215.

Total cals = 730  5/12/2010

Comments:  As usual it takes time and concentrated recall to capture all calories eaten.  The oatmeal/seeds/fruits/veggies/chicken diet today was low in calories which meant I under-ate.  But why didn’t I get more hungry or crave?  Is it as potentially dangerous as the media suggest?    Why would the body not complain loudly?