These are a fraction of the people with whom I’ve discussed weight loss and who are interested or who are already losing weight.  Date format is yymmdd for easy sorting.

100407  GlenC – friend; dentist; Baby Boomer; exercises regularly; has cut out certain foods; struggling with weight.

100406  StacyN – programmer; former teacher; X Gen; gave me a video interview about her hubby’s and her dramatic weight losses of 40 and 40 lbs.  Motivation:  after marriage they gained significant weight and decided to reverse the trend.

100404  JackG – relative; HVAC supervisor; Baby Boomer; lost 35 lbs. in a year by cutting out donuts, pizza and other high cal foods; can now run 5 miles a day.  Motivation:  nephews beat him at basketball because he was quickly out of breath.

100404  EddieC – relative; Photographer extraordinaire; Baby Boomer; lost 20 lbs. in 3 months by eating more naturally.  Motivation:  Post-Xmas, too fat.


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