A personal moral experiment with stunning results!

In February of 2010 Dennis Rose started a personal moral experiment based on the experiments of Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard  (see Mahesh Grossman’s blog article and then Chris and Kerri’s blog) and found his views of food and consumption gradually changing and found his life being transformed.  He started to pay more attention to what he was eating.  He changed his eating and cooking habits.  After four weeks he discovered a significant drop in weight.  After seven weeks he was down 25 lbs. and was feeling good.  His GP doc took a look and said he was fine.  This was not a “change by power of will”.  This was a change in views that led to a stunningly successful crushing of the craving cycle and a sustainable weight loss diet.

Dennis Rose is an MBA and a program management professional for big software and semiconductor hardware.

Dennis started this experiment as a way of thinking differently about food:

  • what was being consumed
  • how much was processed food
  • how to intake more natural food
  • how to have a more balanced mix of food
  • how to cook conveniently in a microwave

This was an experiment to change the mental perspective on food.  It did not start as a diet but he recognized that it might result in some weight change and logged his weight on the second day.  On the 22nd day he ordered a $25 EatSmart food scale and a $28 EatSmart people scale.  On the 28th day he weighed in and found himself down 13 lbs.!!!  This was a big surprise.  His intake had gradually decreased, the consumption of sweets and fats had significantly decreased and snacking had “reduced itself”.  This was Not based on will power!  It resulted in a gradual change in the body’s cravings to the point at Day 28 when craving dropped away!  this was a stunning development!  After a decade at the same weight and after repeated attempts to diet, this not-a-diet had transformed him!

There is no magic to this.  He knows this can be replicated by people who want to lose weight if they are willing to take some real actions and who need a solution that doesn’t require significant will power.

After four weeks his craving for food, fat and sweets dropped away!  This was a stunning development.  After years of having hovered close to 215 lbs. and constantly having at least a small craving for food and after years of big lunches, dinners and multiple snacks per day, the loss of craving was an amazing breakthrough!

On the 50th day he was down to 185.0 lbs. and still not craving food.  He gets hungry but does not need much to fill his stomach.  He still eats at least three to four times a day but measures consumption.  Around week 5 he started to count calories in order to understand why this is working.  He feels better than ever, lighter on his feet and has more stamina.  It’s amazing what dropping 25 lbs. of mostly fat will do!


2 responses to “A personal moral experiment with stunning results!

  1. Dennis,
    Great job. Awesome.

  2. Would love to sit down and chat again. Always enjoy our gab sessions. I just lost 25 pounds too, but it took chemotherapy to do it! LOL
    Sure have been gettin’ the itch to go flying lately! Broke now, but will call ya when I can afford to buy fuel.
    Will have to talk about this diet as a maintenance program to keep from gaining it all back.

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