Day 104

Day 104  May 19, 2010  Weight:  173.6


Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal – 50, 1 poached egg – 90, 3 oz berries – 35.  total – 175.

Lunch:  2.5 oz pork chop – 102, 1.5 oz horse radish (roasted) – 5, 2 oz squash – 20, 2 oz veggie liquid – 10.  Total – 140.

Dinner:  3 oz pork chop – 125, 3 oz potato –  75, 7.3 oz seedless red grapes – 145.  Diet deviation: ate 1.2 oz Gouda cheese in little pieces – 120.  I think I wanted to see if I craved it or just liked the taste.  I think I just liked the taste because I wasn’t compelled to go back for more.  About three hours later after having coffee with a little half-half, I got “sick” and made a run to the restroom.  Otherwise OK.  Total – 565.

Late snack:  4 oz Orange Ruffy fish filet – 120.  Cream in the coffee (half-half) – 30.  2 oz red cabernet wine – 50.  Total – 200.

Learned:  Wine is 87% water and not that high in calories if you drink small quantities.

Total 5/20/2010 = 1,080 calories.

Good news:  Friend Rick L. started changing to a whole foods diet late last week.  He’s down 3 lbs. in about five days.  He had a nice sized bowl of fruit today instead of a huge omelet and saved some money too.  He said he didn’t deprive himself.  He simply changed his choices as to what to eat.  this week he ate steak, chicken, some cheese and lots of fruit and vegetables of his favorite kinds.

Mentor Rich S. concurred today with how hard it is to get people to change.  People decide to change from within.  The question I have is why one side of their brain is blind to the truth that highly obese people are literally killing themselves while the other side clearly understands it.  I think it’s the need for nutrients that drives and overcomes both sides of the brain, really.

How to reach people… any ideas?

Was easy to not break the


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