Day 102 Co-evolution is a wonderful thing

Day 102  Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weight:  174.2

Links: Super nutritionist friend Renata de LaRoque, CEO of Fuel4Humans,  pointed me to Mary Toscano who has posted three interviews available on her site.   She has created some nutrition DVDs also available through her site which are valuable.


  • We “co-evolve” our behaviors in conjunction with those around us.  We can co-evolve bad habits and we can co-evolve good habits.  Both take time.  Good habits are ultimately more rewarding.
  • Four levels of knowing:
  1. unconscious unknowing – don’t know what we don’t know
  2. conscious unknowing – know what we don’t know
  3. conscious knowing – know what we know.
  4. unconscious knowing – have integrated what we know we know.
  • Relevance to food and eating:  we think we’re unconsciously knowing because we’ve been eating since the day we were born but many of us have really been unconsciously unknowing because modern food processing outstripped our body’s gross sensing ability to tell us.  When you eat natural, unprocessed foods that were co-evolved with us they have many of the nutrients we need in a healthy balance.  When we vary the kinds of food then our body gets what it needs.  Our taste buds tell us enough and our “fine sensing” of desiring different food types takes care of the rest.  But when we eat processed foods targeted at one or more of our taste bud types of sweet, salt, “good sour”, savory and the few others scientists think we have, then the brain and body can be fooled into thinking it is eating nutritiously.  When the meal is done, the body then has to figure out whether it got what it needed and then compels you to eat more so that it can get something it is missing.  That drives compulsive eating.  When our bodies get the naturally nutritious balance of things that are in a variety of natural foods, our body says, Thanks!” and requires less consumption.
  • Ask yourself why would the body want to carry more weight than is optimal?  That would be inefficient and unhealthy.  As soon as it starts getting what it needs regularly, it slows down and then quits the compulsive eating!

Co-evolution is when two or more species mutually evolve through interaction.  Egocentrically personal co-evolution is when you interact with one or more people, plants, animals and/or objects.   This can be cooperatively for mutual benefit or it can be due to “chasing food”.  Examples are below.  As long as humans have spread seeds by any means, they spread more seeds for plants that fed them better, leading to more success for those plants.  With processing of food, we’ve removed ourselves further from that co-evolution process and have been driving farmers to get biggest yields, not most nutritious plants.  This is a potentially dangerous trend and potentially a significant part of the obesity epidemic in the US.

My wife Holita and I showed new signs of co-evolving.  I came home tonight to baked salmon, baked asparagus and bowls of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries!  What a treat!  All whole foods.  The only exception was some light use of olive oil on the asparagus and on the garlic that was sauteed before going onto the salmon.

Co-evolution example 1:  In the case of predators and prey this can be seen in the skeletons of cats throughout millions of years from small fast cats to large powerful but slower cats while ostensibly their prey were evolving ahead of them to drive selection.  They became faster when their prey did and slower but stronger when their prey did that.

Co-evolution example 2:  In the case of plants and humans you can see this in our lifetime:  Over 90% of the soy beans in the United States are licensed from Monsanto.  this grew from nothing in 1996.  They’ve been so successful because they have a Roundup resistant gene that lets farmers spray Roundup on their crop which kills everything but the soy bean plants.  Within a decade there won’t be any soy bean acreage in the regular US farm system which is not Monsanto’s genetically modified variety.   Since they just started releasing it in 1996, that means that in less than 25 years all the other soy bean species in the US will have been minimized.  Meanwhile if you believe the Westin Price Foundation reports, when Rob Bogdanovich, the since resigned governor of Illinois, allegedly paid off Archer Daniels Midland for campaign contributions by switching the state prison system to a high soy diet, prisoners have increasingly become sick with intestinal problems while consuming the Roundup resistant soy.  Just a note:  I have no clear idea who’s driving the Westin Price Foundation or who if anyone is paying them for their positions.


Made full oats oatmeal this morning, enough for a week.  Mixed 1.5 oz of pecans, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds into one small baggie for gradual consumption.  Mixed fruit Holita had prepared:  1 cup each of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries into one big baggie for gradual consumption.

Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal – 50, 3 oz strawberries – 25, 1 poached egg – 90.  Total – 165.

Brunch:  4 oz black coffee, 1 oz granola – 140.

Snacks:  3 oz mixed fruit – 30, 1/2 oz mixed seeds/nuts – 90, 1/2 oz granola – 70.  Total – 190.

Lunch:  1 oz chicken leg – 65, 2 oz squash – 20, 1/2 oz granola – 70.  Total – 155.

Snacks:  2 oz granola – 280, 1 oz mixed seeds and nuts 180, 2 oz mixed fruit – 25.  Total – 485

Dinner:  3.25 oz salmon – 190, 3.5 oz dill pickles – 10.  Total – 200.

Snacks:  Literally 1/10 oz of brownie – 20 (a diet deviation).  See Day 103 for more info; 1/3 oz mixed nuts and seeds – 60, 1 oz cheese (a diet deviation) – 100.  Total 180.

Total 5/18/2010 = 1,515.


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