Nutrition poor, calorie rich

What foods are nutrition poor and calorie rich?  What’s the difference between nutrition and calories?

Calories are measured in a lab by burning something up and measuring how much heat it gives off.  The assumption is that the body can convert that available energy into muscle movement and body building.

Nutrition is harder to measure.  that’s why it took much longer for scientists to discover vitamins and why they were essential.  They give negligible calories but are necessary for your body to build proteins.  We know that sailors crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first 200 years after Columbus got the disease scurvy from not eating enough Vitamin C until the British Navy figured it out and made their sailors eat limes, hence getting them the nickname “Limeys”.  It was meant as a slur by sailors in the other navies who ironically continued to get scurvy for years afterward until they caught on.

Many food processes remove nutrients.  Since not all nutrients are known, manufactured food processes can’t magically put the nutrients back no matter what the marketing ads say.  Even for known nutrients it’s too expensive to put all the nutrients back.  Look in the USDA Database of Nutrients and compare ice cream to natural food.  The difference in nutrients, the second section of each report, is stunning.  For example “Ice creams, BREYERS, 98% Fat Free Vanilla” lists 3 minerals and 2 vitamins while a potato lists 10 minerals and 15 vitamins!  Also compare natural food to processed baby food.  Less nutrients in the baby food!

Flour, sugar and oils are nutrient poor while calorie rich.  Your tongue says, “That tastes good” but your body craves the nutrients it is lacking and drives you to eat more.  What do you eat if your diet is the “Western Diet”?  Often more of the nutrient poor foods that marketers spend $32 BILLION each year just in the USA to get you to buy them.


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