Day 99 Stresses of “No processed food diet”

Day 99  May 15, 2010

Weight:  no data today

Link:  this link thanks to friend Carol N.  Cornucopia Institute Looks interesting.  I don’t know much about it.  Their recent post says that veggie burgers are being made with hexane which is illegal in “organic foods” but is legal in “foods made with organic ingredients”.  Hexane, a neurotoxin, is a gas like propane only heavier.

Stresses in eating a whole foods diet:

  • It takes time to think about how not to get cornered into eating processed food.
  • It’s taking some time to get a real nutritionist’s diet plan but a professional nutritionist friend is making one available to me this coming week.
  • For example it’s unique for me to start asking food service folks how the food is prepared but I now feel so compelled.
  • For example just in 24 hours people want to go out to eat.  A brother-in-law brought a pizza by last night (no interest in that).  Family ate late night snacks and the only whole foods on the table were apples and apricots (fine).  I’m going to a buffet tonight.  Will they have any whole foods?  They are featuring Filet Minon.  Will it be full of salt?  I can avoid the sauces.  They should have fruits and veggies.

OMG, look at shrimp – all protein and nutrients!  Go to the USDA Database of Nutrients and put in the keywords:  moist shrimp.  Then click the round button next to the one choice available and click “submit”.  then enter .2835 next to the already checked box.  this will give the amounts for one ounce.  Click the submit button and look at all the nutrients.


Breakfast:  3 oz avocado – 75, 2 oz butternut squash – 20, 2 oz fruit in 4 oz coffee – 25, 2 oz banana – 50, 1/2 oz seeds – 90, 2.5 oz leanest pork – 105.  Total – 365 calories.

Lunch:  Deviation – 1/2 oz processed American cheese – 45 cals, 2 oz avocado – 50, 3 oz apple – 45, 1/2 oz mixed seeds:  85.  Total – 225

Dinner:  Wedding celebration buffet featuring filet minon. Bound to be 1,000 calories even if whole foods are consumed if care is not taken.  OK, now here’s what happened at the buffet (90 minutes):

1.  6 shrimp medium. 2 oz – 55
2.  4 oz prime rib salted – 460
3.  2 oz spinach salad with lite sweet something – 100 (guestimate)
4.  1.5 oz pineapple – 20
5.  2.5 oz sweet melon – 25
6.  4 oz filet minon – 220
7.  3 oz sushi roll – 150
8.  2 oz banana cake – 250

Dinner total – 1,280!

Total 5/15/2010 = 1,870 calories


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