Day 96 30 Day “minimize processed foods” diet

Weight:  178.4  5/12/2010

This is the day I began the 30 day experiment of eating non-processed or minimally processed foods.

Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal from “full oats” – 50 cals, coffee (deviation – instant this morning), used 6 oz strawberries – 110 cals – for sweetening, NO table sugar, NO high fructose corn syrup laden dry creamer!  Total cals = 165.

Lunch (and snacks from 12-4PM):  2 oz butternut squash – 22, 1 oz onions – 37, 2 oz apple – 30, 1 oz banana – 25, 1 oz mixed seeds – 155, 1 oz strawberries – 9, 2 oz. vegetable broth (home made) – 20, 3 oz pear – 50.  Total cals = 350.

Note:  I know how much of each because I packed lunch and snacks and took them with me.  Part of a pear and two strawberries were all I ate outside of the lunch bag.

Dinner:  4.5 oz Avocado – 115, 1.5 oz chicken leg – 100.  Total cals = 215.

Total cals = 730  5/12/2010

Comments:  As usual it takes time and concentrated recall to capture all calories eaten.  The oatmeal/seeds/fruits/veggies/chicken diet today was low in calories which meant I under-ate.  But why didn’t I get more hungry or crave?  Is it as potentially dangerous as the media suggest?    Why would the body not complain loudly?


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