Day 95 Poised for a new breakthrough

Day 95 Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weight: 181.2 I don’t know why this is 2.2 lbs less than last night.

Poised for a breakthrough: I want to start a thirty day experiment in “purism”, eating only whole foods with no processing (strawberry, banana, sweet potato, squash, watermelon) or minimal processing (e.g. hulled seeds, shelled nuts, steel rolled “full oats”).

  • Goal:  understand what it takes to actually avoid processed foods.
  • Blog exceptions (deviations I had a hard time avoiding)
  • Blog “allowed deviations” such as eating already hulled seeds and nuts.  I’m not harvesting and cracking nuts; they are store bought.
  • See what happens to weight and health.

I’ll start this tomorrow (Day 96) because it will require some preparation.  For example I’m going to cook up a batch of “full oats” because they take much longer to cook than “instant oats” but are essentially hulled grain.


  • Cooked three cups of “full oats” (took about 15 minutes).  This should last for a week.
  • Cooked 1 lb (2 cups) sweet potato (microwave, 15 minutes after heating water)
  • Cooked 1 lb russet potatoes (microwave, 15 minutes in sweet potato water)
  • Cooked 1 lb squash (including seeds and innards, an experiment (microwave, 15 minutes in potato water)
  • Roasted 8 oz of diced onions in Nuwave.
  • Started 2 cups (1 lb) black beans soaking in 2 cups water (intending overnight soak).
  • Defrosted 5 lbs of old chicken legs in the microwave.  Will cook in Nuwave.
  • Mixed together 2/3 oz pumpkin seeds, 2/3 oz toasted red millet, 2/3 oz sunflower seeds, 2/3 oz full oats (uncooked).


  • Should meat from a Whole Foods store be considered “minimally processed”?  It’s hard to imagine “yes” but I’m still an omnivore and like a portion of meat.
  • What ratio of nuts and seeds should there be to fruits and veggies?


Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal (classic) – 50 cals with strawberries (see total below) (note: no table sugar);  5 oz coffee with strawberries (no table sugar, no high fructose dry creamer).  1.5 oz banana – 40 cals.  1/2 oz mixed seeds – 60 cals.    2.5 oz Strawberries – 25 cals.  Total = 175 calories.

Lunch:  3 oz squash –  50 , 1.5 oz chicken leg meat – 100.  Total = 150 cals.

Snacks throughout the day and evening:

1 oz walnuts and almonds – 190.  2.5 oz mixed seeds/oats:  1/4 sunflower, 1/4 toasted red millet, 1/4 pumpkin, 1/4 “full oats (uncooked) – 280.   6 oz Strawberries – 55.  6 oz watermelon – 55.  3 oz banana – 75.  Total = 655 cals.

Dinner:  3 oz squash –  50 , 1.5 oz chicken leg meat – 100.  Total = 150 cals.

Total 5/11/2010:     1135 calories  No wonder I got a headache last night.  Went from higher cal diet back to low low cal diet in one day.


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