Day 94 whirlwind trip, lots of stories

Day 94  Monday, 5/10/2010

Weight:  183.4  Up 7 lbs. from the “local minimum” a few weeks ago.


  • Matthew’s birthday
  • Holita’s and my 27th anniversary
  • Atlanta trip for niece Stacy’s wedding at the Carter Library.
  • Visits/food with lot’s of extended family and friends
  • A whirlwind but wonderful visit with Ken and Ann Davis and Miss Annie (94 years old and pretty sharp and wonderful as always).
  • A visit to a seminar by Travis Martin at his Calhoun, GA Thrive! weight loss center Thrive! weight loss center  arranged by my old college buddy John Bangert.
  • Weight loss stories by folks in the airports in San Jose and Atlanta.  Just tonight I talked with Bob B. who had lost 30 lbs about two years ago on weight watchers and has gained 20 back over those two years.  I also talked with Debbie M. who lost 25 lbs but has been gaining some back.  They both claimed laziness.  Interesting.

I intend to write more tomorrow about all the observations and learnings from the trip.  Meanwhile, read Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food”.  There is stunning info in it.


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