Day 81 I don’t want to save you

Weight:  176.2  4/27/2010  Down 33.8 lbs.

I don’t want to save you.  Save yourself.  Change comes from within usually through small changes in perception.   Big changes in the environment cause reactions but don’t necessarily cause changes in the internal world view.

You are living in the present in the box that you built for yourself.  If it’s working for you and not harming others, no sweat.  But if it’s not working for you, wake up and solve the problem by figuring out what small changes in perception can lead you to real breakthroughs.  Reality is.  Perceptions are just that – perceptions.  They are not reality.   If you are overweight and have tried to reduce and failed (daily in many cases) then the change you need to make internally involves in-taking real food instead of the fake and imitation foodstuffs that marketers have told us are “enriched, enhanced and otherwise better than the real food”.


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