Perfidy – How many ways?

Perfidy – an act of deliberate betrayal of trust

When President Clinton asked the tobacco company executives whether nicotine was addictive and they all answered, “No” did anyone but the folks making money off of tobacco trust them?  That was a reflection of the perfidy of that whole “industry”

Is it any less perfidious that the “foodstuffs” Americans are eating are causing them to die of heart and kidney failure if cancer doesn’t claim them first?

Real instant cream of wheat has 1/7th the calories of the “Cream of Wheat Instant” which is heavily sugared, salted and otherwise preserved.

$32 Billion a year is being spent by food processing companies on advertising toe continually remind you that you are being enriched and enhanced.  What does enriched really mean:  It means they put back the nutrients that were removed during processing.  Of course they added another half dozen ingredients that let it sit on shelved for years but aren’t so good for your health.


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