Day 76 Thursday

Weight:  176.8 lbs.  Down 33.2 lbs.!!!

Comments:  Had a lack of appetite during post op recovery from minor nose surgery leading to low calorie consumption for the last 60 hours.  This will probably continue for a few more days.  I might get down to 172 before the appetite fully returns.  This isn’t how I wanted to approach 160 but I’ll carefully take it.

Learned:  NuWave convection/radiation/conduction oven really works!  It’s hard to burn things in it.  I cooked corn on the cob, sweet potato slices, onion slices and some kale all at once on three levels.  Turned out nicely.  Cooked salmon for 4 min per side.  Wow, delicious.  Great time and mess savings.  No fuss, no mess.  Great investment!

Link:  Ignore the first 10 second ad.

Lot’s of snacks today, salmon, “tops unsalted saltine crackers” (that’s another story), strawberries.  Gained a pound by the end of the day, some of it water weight.


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