Embryos have dense energy; branches and leaves don’t

Speculation:  If you define any seed as a one cell embryo, then embryos and animals have high density energy.   Roots and tubers generally have medium density energy.  Branches, leaves and water laden fruits have low density energy.  How does this model help?

Imagine you are choosing what to eat.  Should you eat high, medium or low density energy?

Nuts, seeds, eggs and any normal animal flesh are pretty energetic.  these have 2.5 to 6.5 calories per gram or 70-200 calories per ounce.

Processed food is generally high density energy.  After all, that was one of the main purposes of the processing.

Oils – 9 cals per g. or 260 cals per oz.

Flour and granulated sugars 4 cals per g.  or 110 cals per oz.

Cheese – 6-8 cals per g. or 170-220 cals per oz.

Roots and tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes have a medium density energy, near 1 calorie per gram or 28 calories per ounce.

Fruits and leaves often have .2-.4 cals per g. or 6-12 cals per oz.

You can eat a heck of a lot of fruits, leaves and a lot of roots and tubers if you are willing to limit the amount of embryonic, flesh and processed food.  the processors are going to hate this.  But I’m down 33 lbs. on day 76 and I feel g-r-e-a-t!  I’m down 16% in 11 weeks!!!  Thank God!


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