Day 69 “Fell off the wagon” or permanent change?

Weight:  181.0 lbs.  4/16/2010  Down 29 lbs.

Regarding “fell off the wagon or permanent change”: Yesterday I ate quite often, sometimes for comfort.  But I ate small amounts each time.   Sometimes it was a 1/4 oz of walnuts or a fraction of an ounce of chocolate (first time in weeks I’ve eaten any chocolate).  I even had four small pieces of toast (maybe 1-1/2 regular size equivalents) but with no toppings.  I know substituting a small tangerine for chocolate would be better.  It kept the stomach relatively calm on a high stress day.  It reminds me that people under work and other stress will have a harder time duplicating this transformation.

The scale:  I now really believe that the scale is about 0.5% inaccurate or +/-1 lb. for my body weight.  I’m not going up and down 2 lbs. in two days.  But there is the salt factor:  more salt in the diet means more water retention which means extra weight gain on days the salt intake goes up from what should be the normal level or down when it goes down toward that level.  How long does it take for a body to excrete enough salt through pores and urine to get to the body’s ideal level?

The weight:  I’m now solidly in the “Overweight” category and headed for “Normal”!!!  BMI = 28.3 with goal for now of 25 based on Dr. Lionel Nelson’s recommendation for a mature American man of my physique.  He’s an Otolaryngologist with decades of experience and went back as the regimental doctor in Iraq for a year tour of duty.  He said that the U.S. Army Optimal Body Weight calculation of BMI = 22 is an optimal fighting weight but not necessary for me to get to healthful weight.  So 181 for 160.

Breakfast:  1/3 cup oatmeal, 70 cals of poached egg (the dog got his and some of mine), coffee, 6 g. walnuts = 240 cals.

I’ve run out of interest in detailing every meal.  I’ll detail the “excursions”.

Dinner:  Friday night Happy Hour at was awesome.  Ian Stock, an old friend and lawyer from England, provided “fish and chips” and the Nagels of Rally Up provided some refreshments.  We had a good time.  Total = 850 cals.

Snack:  Dave was over.  Dave instructed while he, Sara and Sara’s friend J. made three pizzas in true Italian style.  I ate one piece of olive pizza.  Yummy.  I also had 3 oz. turkey loaf while waiting for the pizza.  700 cals.


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