Day 65 Monday, April 12, 2010

Weight:  182.6 lbs  4/12/2010    Down 27.4 lbs

Learned: Why many people don’t cook:  what a hassle!

  • I wanted something different and found some OLD ground turkey in the freezer.  After gently microwaving it on Power Level – 2 for a half hour it was thawed and ready to do something…but what?
  • Found a recipe for meatloaf on and sub’ed turkey and left out the veal; had everything else.  Pretty tasty, pretty interesting.
  • Holita had told me our stove IS a convection oven so I tried it in convection mode.   It’s NOT a real convection oven.  It still took 45 minutes to cook a couple pounds of turkey loaf.
  • Bottom line:  It took a lot of work to prepare and then monitoring and timer resetting until done.  A lot of this was relearning basics:  how much onion chops up to 3/4 cup (1/4th onion)?  How much garlic chops up to 2 tsp.?  (ten kernels)  How long does in take to cook in a faux convection oven?
  • Microwaving is so easy.  Simple recipes  don’t take much prep.  There’s little cleanup.
  • Chicken broth base that we have is all salt.
  • Salt bloats you.  I’m up after eating the meatloaf and drinking the requisite water.

Learned:  Understanding why we crave is critical to understanding how to reverse the obesity trend.

Learned:  We’ve been overeating because calories were getting cheaper and tastier over the last decades.

Learned:  People who have food cravings understand how they are different from hunger.  People who don’t crave food don’t understand why the others can’t consciously turn it off.

Learned:  Some experts consider food craving to be as powerful as other addictions.

Food:  I’m less interested now in tracking every single thing I eat.  My breakfast meals are pretty standard now:  oatmeal and coffee with a poached egg tossed in every second or third day.

Breakfast:  250 cals.

lunch, dinner:  too much food and too much salt.

Snack:  Had 150 cals of ice cream (lite) for the first time in weeks.


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