Day 64 Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weight:  181.6 lbs  4/10/2010    Down 28.4


  • Changes to food habits are so disruptive to our different but interrelated psychological spheres of family, work and play that they require real buy-in and alignment of our mind, body and soul to make them.  For most of us the conscious mind alone cannot force these changes.  That’s partly why so many dieting attempts fail.

Today was a play day:

  • A trip to Chino near LA to see the awesome Planes of Fame museum with my Comanche partner and awesome commercial real estate broker/dealmaker DeanC and awesome software architect SteveP who owns his own Cessna 182 RG.  It was a wonderful trip.
  • Dinner at home made by our chef friend from church Dave.  He made:
  1. Squash soup: so simple, so good, not highly caloric!
  2. Real Italian style pizza (three flavors), light on the cheese and sauce so that it is in balance with the bread crust.  Some were tomato, some anchovy and some artichoke.  Yummy and not highly caloric!
  3. Oyster mushrooms and oil.
  4. We had some of Holita’s fruit salad from Thursday.  Papaya was the fourth ingredient.


  • Breakfast:  250 cals
  • Lunch:  bowl of chili, cheese, onions, crackers:  700 cals
  • Dinner and snacks:  900 cals.
  • Total = 1,850 cals

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