Here come the stupids – sugars 4/5/2010

Here come the stupids – sugars (in high concentrations)

10% of adults over 20 have diabetes.  It’s the 6th leading primary cause of death.  See these CDC stats on Diabetes.  This shows a dozen stats with sources and references.  The data is shocking.

Processed foods often have high to huge sugar content.  Labels may list various names that don’t look like sugars but are.

  • First, here are 25 names for sugars.
  • Second, by googling you can find lists with at least an additional 12 items that are chemicals that turn into sugars.

When you make food fresh from produce, you can find in the USDA Database of Nutrients how much salt, sugar, carb, protein, water, vitamins and minerals are in it.

Avocado is a relatively high cal fruit/veggie.  You can eat almost three times the weight in avocado for each weight of sugar cookie and get the same calories!


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