Day 61 Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weight:  181.6 lbs.  4/7/2010  bare

Learned:  In an 8 oz avocado, 2 oz are seed and skin, 6 oz food = 285 cals.

Learned:  See “Here come the stupids – high concentrations of sugars

Speculation:  Avocados are God’s food.  🙂    Avocados are big berries therefore fruits.

Speculation:  Could you make an “avocado butter”?  Googled this avocado butter recipe but it’s one-fourth real butter and three fourths avocado.

Contacts:  GlenC – he’s interested in trying some of these behavior changes.

Breakfast:  12 g oatmeal – 45, 5 oz coffee, 15 g brown sugar – 60, 6 g creamer – 25, 2.5 oz avocado – 120.  Total = 250


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