Day 60 Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weight:  182.2 lbs.  4/6/2010 bare

Learned:  I can now smell salt in prepared foods.  It’s stunning how much salt is in a store bought roasted chicken.  Salt’s cheap.

Learned:  BJ, my lady tailor, made this paraphrased comment:  “People coming in for taking in clothes are almost all between the ages of 40-60.  They have taken control of their bodies resulting in meaningful weight reductions.

Learned:  Need a new wardrobe.  BJ, my lady tailor at “A Better Fit” said that because of the design of areas such as the pants crotch, past a certain weight loss there’s no way to make the clothes look good by tailoring them.

Contacts:  Stacy Nagel did an excellent video interview with me.  She’s a natural.  She’s lost 35 lbs. by changing eating habits, counting calories and exercising.


Breakfast:  1/2 oz oats (oatmeal), 1 poached egg, coffee, 15 g. brown sugar, 6 g creamer.  Total = 215 cals.

Lunch:  1/2 oz walnuts – 100, 3 oz sweet potatoes/onions –  85, 3 oz beef/onions – 170, 1 oz banana – 25.  Total = 380 cals.

Dinner:  4 oz potato/onion – 115, 3 oz beef/onion – 170, 1 oz Gouda cheese – 100, 1 oz banana – 25.  Total = 410 cals.

Snacks:  10 g walnuts – 65, 2 small mandarin oranges – 80, 2 1/2 oz sugar cookies – 130.  Total = 275 cals.

Total  4/6:  1,280 cals.


  • Cooked four dishes and resulted in a fifth last night:
  1. 16 oz. sweet potato with onions; added 3/4 oz butter and 1 oz brown sugar.
  2. 18 oz. potato with onions; added 3/4 oz butter.
  3. 16 oz butternut squash with onions; added 3/4 oz butter and 1 oz brown sugar.
  4. 20 oz london broil beef with onions
  5. 16 oz juice from the serial cooking of all four dishes.  It’s very tasty!
  • Thinking I need to vary the veggies more.
  • Adding walnuts in small quantities to the diet has fairly well eliminated squishy stools.
  • Dieting and exercising sure is burning the calories.
  • Worked from 8 AM to 10 PM
  • There were free pizzas and wine at the SV Tech Meetup but I didn’t feel tempted; was glad I’d eaten healthily before attending.

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