The perfidy of processed food money

The perfidy of processed food money is that it fuels and funds the cycle of producing more processed foods.  No wonder Americans are so obese (on average). One third of all children born in the year 2000 are expected to get Type II Diabetes!   The perfidy of the money cycle used to research, create, advertise and promote and to influence public officials and consumers is deep.  Research dollars are being perverted to grab our taste buds and our craving processes to drive more consumption.  These perversions of our taste buds and processes are killing people daily and moving others into irreversibly poor health conditions including renal failure and limb loss.  High concentrations of salt, sugar, oils, fat, carbs and protein are relatively rare in nature compared to one fast food meal.  Our tongues and noses go on high alert for such concentrations.  No wonder we’re overeating daily.

Ten thousand years ago people ate a wide variety of grains, roots, leaves, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Archeological research has shown that in one agriculturalizing area there were 160 different kinds of plant pollen in a refuse dump before cultivation began and 200 years later primarily a concentration of 8 pollens in that same dump after agriculturization.

As recent as the mid-1800’s in the valley at Pipe Springs National Monument near Freedonia, Az. some thousands of natives lived in the valley and foraged wild grasses, berries, seeds and animals.  When ranchers came from Texas to occupy the valley with their sheep, within 20 years the native populace had been reduced to less than 75 people.  In their semi-nomadic lifestyle people had lived in that valley for a long time foraging many different food sources.

The Bedouins who forage in the desert, the Borneoins who still live a stone age existence and other tribes in relatively remote valleys show similar variance in what they consume.  The Bedouins even feast on locusts and feed them to their camels and animals when the locust hordes arise and devastate the surrounding areas.  If they didn’t they would have died out long ago.


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