Here come the stupids – salt 4/5/2010

Fact:  The amount of salt in our processed foods is through the roof!  It’s a lot higher than what our ancestors consumed.  From this link:  ” The average, per capita, daily consumption of table salt in the U.S. is between 0.4 ounces and 0.7 ounces.”  That’s 10-20 grams of salt per day per person!

Speculation:  Salt is part of the craving cycle.  Too much salt drives other over-consumption.  It definitely drives water weight as your body tries to lower the amount!

Here’s a link with more info:

Salt does double duty as a preservative and a “flavor enhance”.   This far outweighs the costs.  But there’s a researched link between high salt and high blood pressure!

Speculation:  oh, it’s worse than I thought:  Table salt is almost all Sodium Chloride.  To excrete it one drinks more water.  But your body excretes other things too.  That might actually be helping to drive the craving cycle!

After eating regular unprocessed fruits, veggies and range meat, it is obvious that many processed foods are laden with salt.   Many restaurant foods have salt added.  Examples this weekend:

  • Sunday’s extended family meal at grandpa’s long time Chinese food restaurant showed every dish to be salt laden.  Many were sugar laden as well including barbecued wings, sweet and sour meats and even an egg and shrimp dish.
  • Sunday night’s protein for dinner, store-bought already roasted chicken, was highly salted from the store.
  • Saturday’s sauerkraut turned out to be hugely salty, likely 2% salt.  this turns out to be standard for sauerkraut.

Recommendation:  Eat less processed food and more natural foods.  Don’t add salt.  Cooking or microwaving doesn’t add salt.  Only the preparers do.

Comments:  Salt has been so ubiquitous that it has become like water, in almost every prepared food we eat.  By reducing the amount of salt in food you eat, it becomes possible to tell when food is augmented with salt.  Avoid it except in very small quantities.  Your body needs some but watch out.  See interesting info on this:


One response to “Here come the stupids – salt 4/5/2010

  1. We’ve don’t use much salt in our home prepared food. As an consequence of that, I usually have a hard time with chain restaurant food, which seems to have a lot of salt. I think it’s their way of tweaking the taste, but I feel like an OD patient a few hours later. I don’t get the same response at the little (higher quality) local restaurants we frequent.

    Have you seen the new death bomb that KFC will be offering soon? Two pieces of fried chicken as the bread of a bacon and cheese sandwich. If there’s an RDA for sodium, I think it has enough for a week!

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