Day 58 Sunday, April 4, 2010 Easter

Weight:  184.4 lbs  4/4/2010  bare

Comments:  Realizations don’t come all at once.  They come in steps.  The realizations and speculations about food and food systems keep coming.

Speculation:  The agri-food complex including media is a super system.  One of the clearest examples of this has been in front of us at every movie theater visit:  Soda, buttered (oiled really) popcorn, hot dogs, candy and movies have been presented as a unified theme for decades.  Who does not salivate a bit when they think of going to a movie and at least smelling the buttery popcorn in the air.

Learned:  Breaking the craving cycle has led to me listening to more music, reading more and watching less TV.  That means less food commercials, less processed food commercials, less sugary, fatty, oily carbohydrate and protein rich commercials.  Oooooh, good for me, bad for the agri-food-media business!  It’s even bad for politicians since those companies help fund their election campaigns.  They are going to be pissed if this catches on!

Learned:  I really like oatmeal once it has glutenized.  After steeping for 4 mins, the oatmeal cup went back into the microwave for 30 seconds to accelerate things today.  Turned out nicely.

New:  I’m adding a links section for cool links whether related or unrelated to food and consumption because this is the one place I’m blogging regularly.


From My good friend Reto Stamm pointed out these interesting maker-innovator links.  The hackerdojo one is really a nucleus for entrepreneurs and innovators:

Food consumption:

Breakfast:  1/2 oz (14 grams) oats, 1 poached egg, 12 g. brown sugar, 6 g. creamer, 10 g. walnuts – 65 cals:  Total 270 cals.

Lunch:  Pigged out at extended family lunch:  1 0z rice, 8 oz beef, shrimp, veggies and salty sauce, 5 oz. scrambled eggs and oil.  1,000 cals?

Dinner and snacks:  4 oz.  roasted chicken breast – 190 cals, 3 oz walnuts – 560 cals, 4 sugar cookies (2 oz) – 270 cals.  Total = 1,020.

Total 4/4/2010:  2,290 cals.


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