It’s On!! Day 58 Reality Check

It’s on!!!  It’s momentous!!!  The adults are getting it.  They are changing their habits!

At a family Easter lunch today with 18 people under age from 13-66 years old and “Pa”, 99 years old, the five people nearest me had all lost weight.  A sixth had changed a major consumption habit with measurable healthful results.  These folks are all between 45 and 66 years of age, Baby Boomers:

  • Jack, 50’ish, had lost 30 lbs over the last year by cutting out junk food and high cal lunch food runs and by running every day, having ramped up to 4-5 miles per day.
  • I’d lost 25 lbs. in eight weeks as written in this blog
  • Eddie, 50’ish, had lost 20 lbs. in two months by eating more naturally and smaller portions.
  • Rita had cut out caffeine and after a month not only did the headaches go away but her blood pressure returned to normal! She was ecstatic.
  • Esther had lost 10 lbs by eating less brownies and other processed foods.
  • Mike, a former bicycle racer and body builder, is down a handful of pounds on the start of his modified Atkins diet and is toning up as well.

Two more are starting diets this week:  Maggie and her son Jacob are committing to reduce calories and sugar intake.

These were not coordinated efforts.  Somehow there’s a strong move afoot by the Baby Boomer adults to drop excess weight.  Many of them know someone who is suffering from diabetes.  They don’t want that fate for themselves.  Others realize their excess weight can otherwise shorten their lives.  They are chaning their ways.

This is huge.  In starting to talk with people over the past four weeks after discovering I had dropped 13 lbs., I found several people who’d lost 13 – 80 lbs!  They got it too.  They realized that eating more natural foods was healthier and made them feel better.  This is monumental!  It’s momentous!  It’s on!!!

Book:  Eric Braverman’s A Younger Thinner You


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