Day 57 Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weight:  184.4 lbs. bare  4/3/2010

Question:  Can you make broccoli-potato soup in the microwave?

Reading:  “On a Dollar a Day” by Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard, two courageous experimenters.  Quote:  “In the 1930’s we spent 2.5 hours per day in the kitchen to prepare food.  In 2010 we spend on average 8 minutes.”

Reading:  “The Day We Found the Universe” by Marcia Bartusiak

Behavior change: Reading more, watching TV less.

Behavior change:  Listening to music more both in the car and at home.  Big change.  Read parts of two books this morning with light music (from the TV) playing in the background.

Time savings:  Breakfast for the dog and me took 6 minutes to make today without poached egg.  The estimate of five minutes was too aggressive.

Learned:  Sauerkraut typically has 2-3% salt by weight.  Four ounces has over 2 grams of salt!  This is 2-3x as much as a fast food fish sandwich.

People:  Met JasonL who lost 80 lbs. in 2 years!  He change to healthy eating.  Invited him to be interviewed so his story can be shared.

Links:  don’t know if this is good but looks interesting:

Links:  This looks humorous for low cost eaters:  “Escape from Whole Foods”


  • To know me the last ten years would be to know that my reading rate had been down significantly.  It’s easier for me to read now.  I focus more easily.  Could it be that ADHD and high salt, sugar and fat intake are related to ADHDCould it be that the craving-consuming cycle and ADHD are related? I have not considered myself to have ADHD but believe I can read more easily and comfortably now.  This article might or might not be scientifically based but indicates one.  Emailed Jean Weiss to see what research it’s based on.
  • Thursday’s and yesterday’s food splurges resulted in real weight gain.  Although it’s a trend I want to reverse, it’s a good sign that my weight loss is controlled by calories and not something else (such as rogue cells.
  • In “On a Dollar a Day” Christopher Greenslate refers to info from movies King Corn and Food, Inc.  He discusses why processed foods get so many of the food advertising dollars and veggies and fruits get little.  Lettuce is lettuce and an orange is an orange but a baked, sugary breakfast cereal, a concocted soda and a multi-food cheeseburger have many components in them to enhance our natural desires to consume them.  This “service” provided by the companies generates the revenue to fund more advertising.  We’ve been immersed all our lives in an ocean of 10’s of thousands of ads promoting processed foods!  The CDC estimates that 1/3rd of all children born in the year 2000 will get Type II Diabetes in their lives.  There may be a correlation.

Breakfast:  15 grams oats – 60 cals, coffee, 12 grams brown sugar – 50 cals, 10 grams creamer – 40 cals, Total = 150 cals

Lunch:  3 oz sauerkraut juice – 5 cals., 46 g. boneless chicken thigh – 125 cals, 70 g. {asparagus:15 cal/mushroom:10 cal/oil:80 cals} – 105 cals.  Total = 230.

Early dinner:  after gym:  10 g. walnuts – 65 cals, 2.5 oz = 71 g. Asparagus/mushroom/oil – 80 cals, 2 oz meatloaf – 200 cals.  total = 345 cals

Snack:  4 oz tangerine and mango – 65 cals., 2 oz avocado – 100 cals.  total = 165 cals.

Snack:  1 1/2 oz sugar cookie – 60 cals.

Total 4/3/2010:  950 cals.

Exercise:  6 exercises of 4 sets each of 10-15 reps each building arms with Rachel and TJ.  25 mins elliptical running.


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