Day 54 Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weight:  184.0 lbs.  3/31/2010  bare, before breakfast.

Challenge:  See whether yesterday’s older style lunch and dinner will affect hunger/cravings/weight.

Learned:  Most of us are Vitamin D deficient:  Scientific American reports, “Three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D, the so-called “sunshine vitamin” whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, according to new research.”

Experiments:  Bought a Costco multivitamin with 100% minimum requirements of a lot of vitamins including Vitamin D.

Comments:  Fell off the wagon today (2,035 cals).  Bit one nail, the first one in weeks.  The stomach doesn’t crave but the actions show a bit of compulsion.  I have to see what tomorrow brings and see if I can slide back on track.  Stomach is full but hopefully didn’t gain too much today.

Breakfast:  15 grams oats (oatmeal) – 60 cals, 47 grams poached egg – 70 cals, coffee, 20 grams brown sugar – 80 cals, 10 grams nondairy creamer – 40 cals.  Total = 250 cals.

Lunch:  Biz lunch with two friends:  5 oz chicken breast – 280 cals, 3 oz salad – 20 cals, 1 oz bleu cheese dressing – 135 cals, two bites of pizza – 60 cals.  Total = 495 cals.

Biz meeting:  Coffee with sugar – 80 cals, chocolate cake (1/2 piece) – 250 cals.  Total = 330 cals.

Dinner:  5 oz meatloaf – 650 cals, 2 oz sweet potato wi butter and sugar – 160 cals, 2 dill pickles – 30 cals.  Total = 760 cals.

Snack with Holita and Sara:  1/2 oz cheese and 5 12 cal crackers – 200 cals.

Total 3/31/2010 = 2,035.  Definitely fell off the wagon today.


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