Day 53 Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weight:  184.4 lbs.  3/30/2010  bare

Learned:  There’s more to counting calories than counting calories due to inaccuracies in manufacturers’ labels and our body’s processing of different kinds of foods.

Learned:  1 tsp salt weighs 6 grams = 0 cals

Learned:  1 tsp olive oil weighs 4 grams = 36 cals

Learned:  Working out late in the evening gives energy at the wrong time.  My friend Thomas Weis exercises first thing in the early morning.  Will try to try that.

Learned:  My body is getting adjusted to the lighter weight.  I’m moving faster, quicker, more easily.  It’s easier to carry weight.  I think, “This used to be fat dead weight, now it’s a box or tool or block.”

Learned:  Weaning does work. Changing things slowly worked pretty painlessly.

Breakfast:  1/8th cup oats (oatmeal) – 40 cals, 5 oz coffee – 0 cal, 1 poached egg – 90 cals, 10 grams brown sugar – 40 cals, 10 grams creamer – 40 cals.   Total = 210 cals.

Lunch:  1 Filet-o-Fish sandwich – 460 cals (MacDonalds says 380), 1 packet apple slices – 35 cals.  Total = 495 cals.

Dinner:  5 oz roasted chicken (Costco therefore oily) – 235 cals, 3 oz sauerkraut – 20 cals, Total = 255 cals.

Snack:  116 grams Asparagus, mushrooms, oil – 150 cals

Total 3/30/2010:  1,110 cals.  A heavy day due to MacDonalds fish sandwich and big portion of chicken.  Fat and salt.


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