Day 52 Monday, March 29, 2010

Weight:  184.8 lbs.  3/29/2010  (just socks and trunks, new apples-to-apples standard).

Questions:  Should one and can one wean oneself from all refined products?  How hard is it?  How expensive is it?  Vin Miller’s article speaks well to this.  He gives this test:  Did our ancestors eat it 10,000 years ago?  If not, it might not best or good for our bodies.

Learned:  Refined foods and oils have the highest caloric content.  Their concentrations are rarely found in nature.  Except for a beehive full of honey, there rarely are all starch, all sugar or all oil forms of unprocessed natural foodstuffs.  Natural foods like potatoes (with skins) have many nutrients.  Russet potatoes have three dozen nutrients, a lot of water and some starch.  the same weight of flouer  Search for Russet potato in the USDA Database of Nutrients).

Learned:  Most of us are Vitamin D deficient new studies show.

Learned:  Discovered that cravings can come at least from high amounts of salt, sugar, starch and lactic acid (sauerkraut).  Discovery continues.

Recipe:  9 oz fresh, chopped up lamb in boiling water in the microwave cooks in 2 minutes.  I Mu’ed the water for 5 min. before putting in the lamb.  It came out pretty tender.

Productive process:  I Mu’ed a few cups of water, mu’ed the first 9 oz of lamb in 2 min, then mu’ed a second smaller batch of lamb for our dog in 2 min, then mu’ed 1/2 a butternut squash for 8 mins.  Done!  Three batches.

Breakfast:  1/2 ounce oats (oatmeal), 5 oz. coffee, 30 grams brown sugar, 10 grams dry creamer.  Total = 160 cals.

Lunch:  2 oz tuna (in water) –  70 cals, 1/2 oz dill relish – 20 cals, 3 oz stewed tomatoes – 30 cals.  Total = 120 cals.

Dinner:  2.5 oz Sara’s meatloaf – 200 cals, 2.5 oz butternut squash – 30 cals, 30 grams banana – 30 cals, 1 oz avocado –  50 cals.  Total = 310 cals.

After exercise:  1.5 oz lamb –  150 cals, 2.25 oz orange – 30 cals.  Total = 180 cals.

Late:  1/2 piece toast, 1.25 oz – 100 cals.

Total for 3/29/2010 =  870 cals.


One response to “Day 52 Monday, March 29, 2010

  1. Dennis, thanks for the Vin Miller link today. He’s got a fair amount of interesting stuff at that site, including a bit about the fallacy of counting calories! It does make sense to me that it’s hard to get accurate numbers. In any case, I thought an average intake was about 2000 calories, yet you’re talking about only 900? Dude, no wonder you’re losing big time! There may be some sense here!


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