Day 51 Sunday, March 28, 2010

Target:  165 lbs. (bare) for now.

Weight:  190.4 lbs.  with evening clothes, gym shoes.

Learned:  According to Dr. Steve Pratt’s book, fourteen superfoods can help prevent diseases:  beans, blueberries, broccoli, oranges, pumpkin, soy, spinach, tea, tomatoes, turkey, walnuts, whole grains, wild salmon, yogurt.

Learned:  I picked up a big basket of books and magazines and weighed myself with it.  It added 20 lbs and I still was not back to my original weight.  It was amazing to get a feel for how much I was carrying around.  It’s been a huge amount of excess.  35 lbs. to go.

Learned:  Although I didn’t lose weight yesterday, I didn’t gain weight.  So Day 50 is an example of a balanced calorie budget.

Learned:  Meatloaf stays with you.  We ate Saturday dinner around 8 PM.  I still feel full Sunday morning.

Breakfast:  1/2 ounce wt. oats (oatmeal), 5 oz coffee, 25 grams brown sugar, 15 grams dry creamer, Total = 210 cals.

Lunch:  4 oz rice gumbo soup – 150 cals, 4 oz tuna salad – 200 cals, 1 toast – 100 cals, Total = 450 cals.

Dinner:  5 oz lean lamb – 360 cals, 2 oz toast – 190 cals, with .25 oz butter – 42 cals, Total = 592 cals.

Snack – 2 oz sauerkraut – 20 cals.


  • Lots of salt in the soup at lunch.  Expecting some extra water weight.

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