Day 49 Friday, March 26, 2010

Weight:  185.3  3/26/2010  after breakfast, no clothes

Learned:  Four companies control 80% of the food supply.  Provisioning the fast food industry and the huge chains drove massive automation at every stage.  See Food, Inc. lfor some of the ramifications.

Learned:  in 2008 after only 12 years 90% of soybeans were grown from Monsanto owned seeds.

Learned:  Sprouted peanuts can be silent killers by fungus created highly carcinogenic aflatoxins.  See the Wikipedia article on peanuts and search for aflatoxins in it.

Learned:  Heavy people say, “25 lbs. lost in seven weeks, wow, great!”  I ask them if they are interested in trying this.  So far NO TAKERS.  They don’t actually believe it is a NO WILL POWER change.  I suppose people need more than one success story to believe it.

Learned:  A “splurge” can feel like too much even if several smaller pieces are consumed and they taste great!  today my splurge was about 650 cals.

Learned:  We’re not feedlot cattle but we’re consuming like them.  Many of our calories are coming from the same provisioning system.

Breakfast:  1/8th heaping cup oats, 1 poached egg, 5 oz coffee, 15 grams dry creamer and 30 grams brown sugar.  The oats are 40 cals, egg 90 cals and the sugar 115 cals!  Total:  305 cals.

Lunch:  2 pieces lunchmeat ham, 2 pieces lunchmeat turkey, 3 crackers (freebees at Nextspace) – 300 cals?  A lot of water in lunchmeat slices.

Friday Happy Hour splurge:  6 oz dark beer –  100 cals, 5.4 oz. beef burrito – 250 cals USDA, 4 1-oz corn tortilla wrapped pork hors d’œuvres – 200 cals, guacamole and salsa on some – 100 cals.  Total =  650.       Yummy.  A celebration splurge.

Dinner:  3 oz Asparagus-oyster-mushrooms-oil. – 60 cals


  • More detail on the bad peanut sprouts I ate:   Sprouted peanuts can be silent killers by spreading aflatoxins which are highly carcinogenic.  I ate some yesterday while working on the computer, tasted something mushy that didn’t taste too bad, looked more closely and found fungus growing.  See the Wikipedia article on peanuts and search for aflatoxins in it.  The reason peanuts are roasted and/or salted is to reduce hugely the possibility of aflatoxicosis for which there is no antidote.

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