Day 48 Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weight:  186.4  9 AM  3/25/2010  no clothes, after breakfast

Learned:  High fructose corn sugar syrup (aka HFCS)  is in most prepared foods and could correlate with America’s average weight gains.  See King Corn.  I streamed it on netflix, very convenient.  Didn’t have to walk to the car to get to a theater.  🙂

Learned:  Drinking one can of HFCS sweetened soda a day increases the chance of Type II Diabetes by 6%.


  • Cheap corn led to cheap fructose sugar (HFCS) which tastes great in almost everything.
  • By eliminating most processed foods I’ve eliminated most fructose in my diet as well as a lot of fat.
  • I wonder if my body craved fructose, fat or both until the craving cycle was broken?  I don’t really want to try the necessary experiments of increasing fat or fructose intake.  Those will have to wait until I get to my new target weight of 165.
  • My fingernails continue to grow.  I keep testing them with my teeth out of habit but have not bitten one in at least a few weeks, mainly since the craving went away.
  • I think these experiments are replicable.  Maybe other people could benefit and also lose their craving for food.  My hunger seems much less biased toward sweets and fat.
  • Hungry this morning;I’m under the weather with a lingering cold and have taken a packet of vitamins.
  • Went looking for chicken in the freezer; found two 7 lb. packages from 10/24/2007!  Trying a microwave thaw to see if this 2.5 year old chicken is still edible.  I wonder how much it cost to freeze and keep that all this time.

Breakfast:  6 AM 1/8 cup oats, no sugar;  8:30 AM 1/8 cup oats, 1 oz of buttered toast, 5 oz coffee, 20 grams brown sugar, 10 grams dry creamer.  Total about 430 cals.

Lunch:  1 PM  6.15 oz navel orange = 84 cals.  Funny, even oranges have fructose in them, 4 grams in this case, 16 cals.

How to:  I cooked frozen chicken in the Microwave (Mu) like this but don’t know if it’s a healthy way to go.  It seemed to have worked:

  • Thaw a chunk of chicken parts in the Mu on very low power.  I used 10 min at PL=2 (of 10)
  • Separate into individual pieces.
  • Mu longer at PL – 2 if needed until thawed
  • Mu at PL-6 or PL-7 for 6 mins.
  • Scrape off the fatty skin and it’s ready to eat.

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