Day 47 Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learned:  The USDA Nutrients Database is a much better source for nutrients and calorie info.  See the Search Function there.

Learned:  If you have a few people cooking (Holita and Sara and I) you really don’t have to make very many dishes each to have a full refrig.

Learned:  How to make breakfast for you and the dog in 5 minutes with 2 minutes cleanup (see just below starting at “Oatmeal”)

Oatmeal in 5 min:

  1. Heat up water in a coffee cup (your choice how high to fill it) in the Mu, 1 min for 3 fluid oz , 2 min for 8 oz.  The average coffee cup tops off at 10 oz.
  2. Put the cup on a towel and put in a measured amount of oats, 1/2 by volume of the amount of water you heated.
  3. Wrap the cup a bit and let it steep for 3 minutes.

Poached egg:

  • Buy a $5 microwave egg poacher.
  • Crack and empty one egg into each poaching hole
  • Add 1/2 tsp water on top of each egg.
  • Mu for 1 min. (adjust based on results which will vary depending on temperature, Mu machine, etc.)

Coffee:  (pre-made in a “thermos type coffee maker”):

  • Mu your coffee for 1-2 min. depending on your personal temperature preference.
  • Why buy a “thermos pot coffee maker”?  These save a lot of money.  The coffee is not kept warm via heating.  It doesn’t burn and is drinkable for a long time based on your tastes.

The dog:  Scoop out kibbles or meat as you normally do.  I add one poached egg to his kibbles.

Cleanup:  Really easy:

  • Egg poachers often take seconds to clean but can take a minute.
  • The oatmeal cup (when freshly emptied) washes and rinses in seconds.
  • The coffee cup washes and rinses in seconds.

Comments:  I really do this.  I relax and eat for 10-15 minutes while doing computer stuff and then do a quick cleanup.  Holita finds no dirty dishes after I’m done.

Breakfast:  1/8 cup oats (oatmeal) = 0.5 oz USDA CF 3.8 = 60 cals, 1 poached egg – 90 cals, 5 0z coffee, 2 dessert tsp brown sugar – 80 cals, 1 dessert tsp dry creamer – 60 cals.  Total = 270 cals.

Lunch:  5 oz asparagus and oyster mushrooms with some oil (Sara made a fresh batch, yummy)

Dinner:  2.5 oz sweet potato (no butter or oil) USDA CF 3.2 – 50 cals., soup with a bit of chicken, veggies and noodles – 150 cals.

Snack:  1/2 slice dry sweet bread toast, 3 oz. tuna (in water), 1 oz dill relish.


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