Day 46 Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weight:  191.4 lbs.  3/23/2010  after breakfast, early morning clothes

Weight:  187.2 lbs.  3/23/2010  no clothes

Breakfast:  1/8th cup oats, 2 oz. sprouted peanuts, 5 oz coffee, 1/2 tsp brown sugar.

Lunch:  3 oz fish (Orange Ruffy fillet), 6 oz coffee, 2.5 oz butternut squash (15 min in Mu with water)

Dinner:  3 oz Pork adobo (mostly potato, juice and some fat at this point), 3 oz mustard greens, 4 oz. tomato bisque.  The pork adobo had the calories; the few calories in mustard greens are probably dwarfed by a light coat of olive oil.  The tomato bisque is low cal except for the heavy cream in it.

Snacks:  zero snacks tonight.


  • I thought about snacks tonight but didn’t feel the real need for them and passed them up.

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