Day 45 Monday, March 22, 2010

Weight:  190.8 lbs.  3/22/2010 8:30 AM before breakfast

Measures and calories:

  • 1 heaping tsp sugar – .4 oz = 50 cals
  • 1 flat dessert spoon (dsp) sugar – .1 oz = 12 cals
  • 1 heaping dessert spoon (dsp) brown sugar – .1 oz = 12 cals
  • 1 flat dsp Creamate non-dairy creamer – .1 oz = 12 cals
  • 1/8th cup oats – 0.5 oz. = 15 * 2.36 (calorie factor) = 35 cals
  • 1 regularly scooped tsp of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” (regular style) – 0.6 oz = 105 cals
  • 1/3 of a regularly scooped tsp of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (regular style) – 0.2 oz = 35 cals


  • Calorie Factor (CF):  a well calculated value for how caloric a give food really is.  Few foods are purely fat, carbs or protein.  The calorie factor can be multiplied times grams (31 per oz) to get actual calories.
  • Cut down fat by reducing oil, butter, margarine, nuts and obvious forms of meat fat.
  • Fill up with veggies and fruits.   Their calorie factors are quite low, often a half calorie per gram.
  • Calorie Factor (CF) example:  cherry tomato raw – .2 cals per gram or 6 cals per oz
  • Calorie Factor (CF) example:  strawberries raw – .3 cals per gram or 9 cals per oz
  • Calorie Factor (CF) example:  walnuts, 6.5 cals per gram or 200 cals per oz

Breakfast:  71 cals = 1/8th oz. oats (oatmeal), 6 oz. coffee, 2 heaping dessert spoon brown sugar, 1 flat dsp creamer

Lunch:   2 oz asparagus, oyster mushrooms, lightly oiled – 25 cals? , 2 oz sour kraut – 12 cals., 6 oz tomato bisque – 180 cals?

Dinner:  3 oz pasta (no sauce), 3 oz asparagus/oyster mushroom/light oil, 2 oz sauerkraut.

Snacks:  lots of snacks:  2 oz frozen yogurt (finished off a ten day old dessert), 4 oz sauerkraut, 5 oz. fish fillet.


  • I snacked like crazy.  I rationalize that it’s the lactic acid in sauerkraut or the lactobacillus that enhances appetite.  Certainly the smell of sauerkraut is a powerful appetite inducer.
  • Wow!  With the scale I can measure a few things each day and build data on real consumption.  Had no idea at work at Xilinx that I was consuming 400+ calories in 9 packets of sugar every day.  That probably accounts for 10 lbs. of body weight for all those years!
  • What is it about sauerkraut that makes one crave?  Just two ounces of it sets up a craving!  Sauerkraut has lactic acid in it.  Maybe that’s it?  This was prepared sauerkraut and maybe there’s an additive.  Hard to know without trying different sauerkrauts or fermenting some.
  • It’s hard to know how many calories if you don’t know how much oil there is.

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