Day 44 Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weight:  191.6 lbs.  3/21/2010 after breakfast, early morning clothes

Weight:  191.6 lbs.  3/21/2010 before sleep, early morning clothes

Breakfast:  1/8th heaping cup oats (in water, oatmeal), 1 poached egg, 1.5 oz. banana, 5 oz. coffee, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp creamer.


  • With flying buddies in Mojave was 100 feet from the Virgin Galactic plane and spacecraft while they were temporarily outside the hangar:  beautiful!
  • Two fried eggs, 1-1/2 pieces buttered sour dough toast, a bit of spinach (in oil unfortunately).  This was probably around 800 calories.

Dinner:  7 oz. Sara’s delicious Tomato Bisque with 3 oz. of potatoes and pork adobo tossed in.  Guestimating 500 calories.


  • My calorie intake had actually dropped to what is considered dangerously low.  I wasn’t going to eat any pork last night until I counted cals.  They were under 400 for the day.  So I ate about 6 oz. of pork after squeezing fat and juice out.  My stomach must be shrunken to a very small size.
  • Breakfast was probably 180 calories.  This morning I added a bit of banana, maybe 25 calories.
  • Lunch was with flying buddies at a restaurant.  Probably 800 calories.
  • Dinner was tomato bisque enhanced with some pork and potatoes adobo (fat layer removed).  Probably 500 calories.
  • I felt great all day.  I probably didn’t burn more than 2,000 calories so probably hardly lost weight.
  • Within the tolerances of the scale today’s eating balanced the day’s calorie burn.  That gives a kind of reference point although it is a fuzzy one.  For example, “What’s the relative level of hydration?”  “What’s the true accuracy of the scale?
  • BTW, the new accurate balance scale at 24 Hour Fitness registers almost exactly what my home scale registers.
  • Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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