Day 43 Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weight:  191.5 lbs.  3/20/2010 9 AM before breakfast in early morning clothes.

Weight:  191.6 lbs.  3/20/2010 10 AM after breakfast and other functions in early morning clothes.

Weight:  187.4 lbs.  3/20/2010 10:30 PM (no clothes)

PMI:  28.9

Learned:  I’m down 22 lbs., 9 in the last 9 days!  I’m in some fat burning metabolic mode.  By measuring intake, by having shrunken my stomach, by having lost the  craving of food and by a daily increase in education and awareness of calories per item and per ounce,  I’m getting  amazing results!!!   This all has made it easy to eat small portions and to keep the fat content down.  It’s been pretty painless until now.  Some will power is now required to keep it going.  I also have to not be stupid about consuming too little.

Learned:  Why one egg has so many more calories than one 1/8th cup of oats:  An egg weighs approx. 2 oz. and has some fat whereas an 1/8th cup of oats weighs under 1/2 oz. and I speculate has a much lower fat content.  According to the EatSmart food scale calorie factors for eggs and oats, that’s 2.36 * 15 or 36 calories for oatmeal and for an extra large poached egg, 1.42 * 62 or 88 calories.  In small quantities each are reasonable but I was eating a dozen eggs a week, over a 1,000 calories, while now eating one or two a week, almost 900 calories less.

Learned:  The presence of an inexpensive but accurate food scale ($25) is VALUABLE.  Using it regularly is easy and INVALUABLE!!!

Learned:  At the farmer’s market at Cabrillo College one lady sells sprouted peanuts and lentils (with green sprouts removed).  She posits that most of the fat in the seeds has been converted to protein as the seed starts to grow internal and external structure.  She posits that these are much easier to digest because they are not balls of fat.  I asked whether she knew of any scientific evidence and she said, “No!”

Learned:  Butternut squash at the farmer’s market was selling for $1.50 lbs.  That sounds high.

Desired:  A list of food items with their raw and cooked calorie factors and a calorie count per ounce for each.

Learned: 0.3 oz. of raw mushrooms have about 5 calories.   Wow, what flavor in oyster mushrooms!


  • Yesterday it felt like a diet.  It took some will power to limit the intake after eating the sour kraut.  It wasn’t that hard but at times I wanted to eat much more.  I wonder how much the sour kraut had to do with it.  The smell of vinegar itself created bodily excitement.  We’ll see today.
  • Maybe my body has finally figured out I am reducing weight.
  • People are smiling at me more and I’m occasionally getting hellos I wouldn’t have.
  • I must be in a serious fat burning cycle.  I’m dropping weight but not getting very hungry and yet have plenty of energy.  Today I wasn’t hungry and didn’t crave food.  I went to exercise around 4 PM and returned after 8 PM after five different weight exercises, each one having four sets of 10-20 repetitions.  Then I did eliptical for about 150 calories and then bicycled for a while.  It was fun.  I had plenty of energy but did feel slightly lightheaded at times, nothing very noticeable.
  • People are really interested and get a bit psyched when I tell them I’m down 22 lbs. in six weeks.  many want to know how.  I’ve found two other people who are dropping weight, one 13 lbs and one 6 lbs.  Both are eating less fat and more vegetables and fruits.

Breakfast:  1/8 cup heaping oats,  40 calories, 1 extra large poached egg, 90 calories.  130 cals. total.

Lunch:  .3 oz. oyster mushrooms – 5 cals., 1.8 oz. banana – 50 cals., 8 oz coffee with 1/2 tsp. sugar, 1/2 tsp. dry creamer.  20 cals.


  • Holita made delicious stir fried asparagus and oyster mushrooms.  I ate 3 oz.   I don’t know how many calories because of any oil consumed.  Asparagus only has 6 cals. per ounce, The oyster mushrooms only 15 cals.  Oil has 280 calories per ounce!
  • Sara made a Greek salad with delicious black olives, feta cheese and a roasted red pepper marinated in a vinaigrette.   I ate 3 oz.  Delicious.  I don’t know how many calories because of any oil consumed.
  • Holita finished making Pork Adobo.  I ate 6 oz., probably 600 calories.  That would make less than 900 for the day.

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