Day 42 Friday, March 19, 2010

Weight:  192.5 lbs.  11 PM  3/19/2010  (pjs and gym shoes).

Snack (4 AM):  2 oz plain spaghetti noodles

Breakfast:  heaping 1/8th cup oats (into oatmeal).

Lunch:  2 oz. sour kraut, 1.5 oz. buttered toast.

Dinner:  2.7 oz. tangerine, 1 oz. pinto beans, 6 oz. soup of {chicken, egg noodles, celery, carrots, onion, parsley, rosemary}, then 4 oz. just broth.  1/2 oz. shredded parmigiana cheese.


  • Sour kraut at lunch, a description:  opened the container, took a sniff and my nose and tongue instantly told the body to get some of that!  I only ate two ounces at noon but it kicked off some craving that dissipated.
  • I felt real hunger late afternoon after 5 PM, almost craving.  Couldn’t eat until around 6 PM.  It worked out.  But I ate a little too much.  The calorie count though was not high although I added 135 calories just by eating 1/2 oz ofparmigiana cheese!

Lesson learned:


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