Day 41 Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weight:  193.6 lbs.  3/18/2010  before breakfast (sleeping clothes, gym shoes)

Weight:  197.0 lbs.  3/18/2010 at 10:15 PM (sleeping clothes, gym shoes).

Breakfast:  1/4 cup oats in 1/2 cup boiling water (Mu’ed).

Lunch:  1 oz potato, 2 oz sweet potato, 3 oz mustard greens

Dinner:  Lettuce, walnuts, bleu cheese vinagrette salad (big one).


  • I am starting to not trust the scale.  There seems to be a lot of variation in it.   I’m down three belt notches but I’m not really going up and down a few pounds each day (am I?).   Will try to cross-correlate with the 24 Hour Fitness balance scales.
  • I gained a little weight yesterday, maybe due to less physical exercise and the deviled eggs.
  • I gained .4 pounds today if the scale is right, on a salad, 6 oz. of vegetables and 1/4 cup of oats.  Go figure.
  • Appetite arises and I eat and it’s good or delicious but I’m still not craving food.
  • Observation:  My family is verbally supportive but eat almost none of the food I prepare.  they are glad I’m losing weight but don’t see their avoidance of anything I cook as hurtful to me.
  • Observation:  one potato, one sweet potato and/or a batch of spaghetti last a long time for one person.
  • Sara and I stopped at Safeway after her late class.  I bought cucumbers, avocados, asparagus bunches, bananas.  She bought lettuce, spumoni and rainbow sherbet.  I haven’t even finished the chocolate frozen yogurt treat they bought for me last week and I have no interest in the various ice creams although I know how delectable they taste.
  • My favorite belt is down to the last hole and my jeans are sliding down past my hips.  That’s 3+ inches in 41 days without any radical overnight change in diet.  This was a somewhat gradual change over a few weeks as I figured things out and reduced the number of external prepared food purchases.
  • Thought:  fast food restaurants restaurants are going to hate this but Americans and people around the world need to stop eating high fat, high calorie foods that have food craving additives (my speculation) in them.
  • Blackie and I walked over to great long time neighbors Al and Carol Holzmueller.  They’ve been out here forty years and raised their family and retired on what I call their “gentlefolks’  farm”.  It’s a really cool place.  They love animals and growing things.  It’s like a lush oasis among the redwoods.  Al’s handy at anything and Carol is a great cook.
  • Al punched a new hole in my 10 year old belt with an old leather punch.  I’ll take more belts to him, some of which I couldn’t wear because they were just too short.
  • Carol gave me a list of food plants to grow:  radishes, “yellow, green onion settings”, chives, carrots, beets, eggplant, zucchini, peas.  She said snow peas grow in colder weather like early spring.  Will try some of this.
  • Have you heard of the “local food” movement that’s picking up steam across the nation?  People want to buy locally grown food and they want to grow their own “victory gardens” like people did during WWII.  I don’t yet know much about it.  The Triscuit company is adding 4 million packages of seeds to their Triscuit biscuit boxes to jump on this bandwagon and to help move it forward.  Probably good marketing.

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