Day 38 Monday, March 15, 2010

Weight:  197.2 lbs.  8:45 AM  3/15/2010 (before breakfast, after water).

Weight:  196.0 lbs.  7:20 PM  3/15/2010 (after dinner).

Weight:  196.0 lbs.  11:15 PM 3/15/2010 (end of evening).


  • 196.0 with clothes and gym shoes.  Wow!
  • Breakfast lasted at least four hours.  I ate lunch more to take a break and get some calories than for hunger.  I still don’t crave.
  • Made a loaf of sweet bread after dinner.  It has milk instead of water and a tsp. of orange peal shreddings.  I made it for this week, not for eating tonight.

Breakfast:  1/8 cup oats, 1/2 cup water (watery), 1 poached egg, 6 oz coffee.

Lunch (late):  1.5 oz. rice, 3 oz. green curry chicken and veggies, 1 oz. sweet potato.

Dinner (late):  2 oz. spaghetti, 2 oz. tomatoes, 3.5 oz. sausage (fresh, Mu’ed).


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