Day 40 Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weight:  190.6 lbs.  5 AM  3/17/2010 (no clothes)

Weight:  193.6 lbs.  9:30 AM 3/17/2010 (before breakfast)

Weight:  197.4 lbs.  10:00 AM  3/17/2010 (after breakfast, std. jeans, etc.)

Weight:  193.0 lbs.  11:30 PM  3/17/2010 (no clothes)


  • I woke up at 5 AM and weighed in since I fell asleep last night before doing that.  190.6!  I can’t believe it.  How could I drop that much weight in one day?  My metabolic rate is up and my skin feels warmer but no fever.
  • I dropped 1.4 lbs in one day.  It was a busy day: spent 2-1/2 hours finishing a gas line rerouting project, heavy wrenching.  I ran a bunch of errands and then spent two hours finishing up bathroom fixtures installs.  But 1.4 lbs?  I just don’t see how.  I snacked twice yesterday.
  • Fat content of food intake is w-a-a-a-a-y down.

Breakfast:  heaping 1/8th cup oats for oatmeal, 1 deviled egg (2 halves), coffee.

Lunch:  1 small sweet and juicy orange.  Later 3 oz. green curry chicken, 3 oz. rice, 1 oz. sweet potato

Dinner:  4 oz steak, 1 oz potato, 3 oz sweet potato, 3 halves deviled egg.

Snack:  2 more deviled egg halves.


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