Day 34 Thursday, 3/11/2010

Comments:  It’s just after midnight so sort of still Wednesday.  I looked up Gazpacho to compare to Sara’s tomato bisque and found this cool recipe:

The biggest differences are that this soup has no flour in it and is not cooked.  The ingredients are lightly blended and then let sit overnight in the refrigerator to let the flavors seep amongst each other.

Weight:  200.6  12:30 AM  3/11/2010

Weight:  198.6   7:00 AM  3/11/2010

Weight:  199.6  8:15 AM  3/11/2010  (after breakfast)

Weight:  198.6 11:45 PM 3/11/2010 (g’nite)

Comment:  I don’t understand this rapid a weight loss.  I did swim 24 laps last night and bicycled for 10 minutes at the gym.  But how can you loose 2 lbs. in one night?  It’s possible that the scale is temperature sensitive.  The scale is in a bathroom that doesn’t get heated directly.  I wonder…  Clearly weight loss overnight from just sleeping is alarming.  How could that be?  I don’t feel sick but the numbers don’t lie … or do they?

Breakfast:  2.25 oz. 1 poached egg with very small amount of butter.  1/2 cup oatmeal (1/4 cup raw oats).  6 oz. coffee.

Lunch:  3 oz. fish, 2 oz rice, 2 oz sweet potato (no butter or brown sugar because it was sweeeet).

Dinner:  3 oz. rice, 3 oz. curry

Snack:  (Why oh why?  unhappy that I did this):  200 calories of popcorn, Orville Redenbacker almost fatless buttered microwave popcorn.


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