Day 33 Wednesday, March 10, 2010


  • I’m now getting into new routines as the various experiments resolve to things that work at a steady level… sort of.   “Sort of” is related to the body’s desire for different types of food and hence variations in daily experiments.  For example I haven’t eaten eggs since last Thursday.  My stomach is craving something this morning after oatmeal and coffee.  But what?  Eggs?  More oatmeal? Something.
  • Here’s an example of routines:  (1) oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and (2) weighing after eating breakfast.
  • Here’s an example of “sort of”:  Once I started eating oatmeal I found that 1/2 cup of oats was too many and have been consuming a 1/4 cup now.  That might be a little light and could be adjusted up to 1/3 cup as the next series of breakfast experiments.


202 lbs.  3/10/2010  after breakfast and after drinking water.

202.6 lbs.  3/10/2010  after 8 oz. lunch (2.5 oz noodles, 3 oz. curry chicken, 2.5 oz. biscuit).

201.4 lbs.  3/10/2010 after 7 oz. dinner (4 oz. Orange Ruffy and 3 oz. rice)

Comments:  Was running since about 8 AM and at 2 PM am finally took a lunch break.  Told Vaughn Kenville and Bill his friend about the blog.  Vaughn, this one’s for you:

Dinner: 4 oz. fish and 3 oz. rice.

  • I grabbed a frozen 8 oz fillet of Orange Ruffy fish from the fridge and thawed it by setting the Microwave power level to 3 for 3 minutes per side and then cooking on high (power level 10) for 3 minutes.  Then I cut it in half and saved the other half for Sara later.
  • Added 3 oz. rice warmed up in the Mu.

Comment:  It is just so weird to not crave food.  I was hungry at 2 PM but didn’t need to pig out to feel satisfied.  The 7 oz. dinner seems to be holding its own too.

Snack:  at 11:30 PM Sara had made Tomato Bisque.  I had 5 oz.  It has tomatoes, celery, carrots, onions, garlic, flour, chicken broth, ginger soy broth, thyme, salt and pepper and heavy cream blended and simmered.  Wow!!!


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