Day 31 Monday, March 8th, 2010


  • After eating the yogurt last night I got a small bit of craving back.  I also had taken a night time Sudafed PE on the hypothesis that my throat raspiness was related to acacia pollen allergies.  I also snored more loudly.  It’s still here, just a small gripping in the pit of my stomach.
  • I don’t want the craving and so am going to ramp up a “no processed food” diet.  That means giving up things like sausage but not giving up plain cuts of meat although I have no idea what they treat meat with.
  • I might try making some yogurt or cheese from milk to see if I can have the food without the craving sensation.
  • I really want the joy of zero craving.  It seems hard to sustain at the moment.  I’m looking for the real root cause.

Breakfast:  1/2 cup oatmeal (1/4 cup raw oats in 1/2 cup boiling salted water).

Scale:  202.6 lbs.   9:45 AM Mon, 3/8

Scale:  201.0 lbs.  7:45 AM Tues, 3/9 (added for comparison)

Experiment:  Just cleaned and sliced up a nice sized Idaho Russett potato and put it into 2 cups of salty water (1/4 tsp. salt) and stuck it into the Mu for 12 minutes.

Results:  16 oz. of cooked potato.  I added 1 Tbsp. butter and am letting it sit and cool down, will eat some for lunch.  The raw potato weight about 14.5 oz. so it picked up about 10% of water weight during the process.

Lunch:  Early due to impending interview:

  • 2.75 oz. sweet potato
  • 2.75 oz. Rosarita beans
  • 1/2 hot link
  • 2 oz. Idaho potato

Interviews with five Apple people went pretty well.  I liked them all.  We talked the same language, product and program management and getting high quality products to market on time.

Dinner:  5 ozs. Tuna with relish and olives

Late snacks:  2 oz. chocolate frozen yogurt, 1 oz. pork chop (meat on bone).


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