Day 29 Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breakfast:  Oatmeal, coffee.  This has become quite satisfying.

Comments:  The craving in my stomach that had arisen (possibly from Friday night’s yummy Indian food) has backed down somewhat into almost background noise.  I’m going to try to eat no externally prepared food for another several days and see what happens!


  • Made Mu spaghetti pasta for Cameron, Jessie and myself using my previous recipe and 8 oz. of noodles.  Worked like a clock.  I Mu’ed salted water for 7:30 and then put in the spaghetti and let steep for six minutes and then Mu’ed for 4 more minutes.  Done!
  • Mu’ed two hot link sausages (already cooked) for 2 min./side
  • Mu’ed a can of already done refried beans.
  • This plus some cookies fed us for lunch.  We finished most of it.

Late afternoon:

Sara was hungry so I cooked more pasta and one big sweet potato but she went off to a movie without partaking.

Comment:  At 4:49 PM I realized that the craving sensation was gone again.  I’m so enthused about this.  Will continue to monitor.


  • spaghetti just with butter
  • sweet potato with butter and brown sugar.
  • Fried two pork chops that I bought at bargain from Safeway which Holita marinated, cooked 5 min. per side in a frying pan.  Lowered the heat midterm to 3 from 4 and added some of the garlic and a little marinade juice from the marinade bag.
  • I ate 3 oz of meat and 4 oz of sweet potato.

Comments:  OK, now this is approaching AMAZING.  It’s 2:30 AM (Sunday morning).  I’ve eaten ZERO SNACKS since dinner.  I think about it but when I get up and go into the kitchen I realize I’m not really hungry and I don’t want to trigger a new hunger response so I don’t eat anything.   I’m just drinking water.


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