Day 27 Thursday, March 4th

They were right.  Writing this requires observations which are causing a more conscious look at eating.  I’m definitely consuming less calories and less often.

Breakfast:  My friend David bought me breakfast:  two eggs over easy, cottage cheese instead of potatoes and sour dough toast.  No coffee!!!

Lunch:  7 oz Radiatori

Late afternoon:  4 thin butter coconut cookies – 135 calories

Dinner:  8:30 PM! (much later than I used to)

  • I found a bag of arugula greens in the fridge that were starting to turn so I (you guessed it) Microwaved (Mu’ed) 1-1/3 oz of them for 1 minute after washing them.
  • Added a Tbsp of sesame garlic dressing – 60 calories, all fat.
  • 8 oz fillet of Orange Ruffy Mu’ed this way:   from frozen, thawed for 7 minutes on 30% power, then Mu’ed for 6 minutes, 3 per side.  I did this in my favorite Mu tupperware dish with the water that had thawed off the fillet.  OMG was this goood.
  • Added one Tbsp of the same Sesame Garlic dressing but wouldn’t do that again since it tries to overpower the fish.
  • One of Sara’s cookies, 1.8 oz.

Wow, this experimenting is fun!  Having the easy to use food scale is allowing me to really measure what I’m using.


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