Day 14 2/19/2010

Breakfast:  2 poached eggs with a tsp. butter and a cup of coffee.

Lunch at Hobees with Herb Reiter from old VLSI days.  He’s just as lively and interesting as ever.    I ate one plate of salad bar for $5.25.


  • The old steak from 2007 in the fridge was bad.  Holita threw it out.
  • I need to review and do a summary of what has transpired in the past two weeks.  I haven’t really dedicated myself to eating on $1 a day but it is definitely affecting my thinking.
  • I think I could make some kind of further transition in the near future.
  • Holita thawed out some Tri-tip steak from 2008 that was marinated and heavily salted.   We had some of that for dinner.  It seemed fine but I think eating food that old is a bad idea.  With nitrates, etc., it’s unknown what kinds of carcinogens might have formed.

Experiment:  I decided to try cooking some thin pasta “all wheat” noodles via microwave.  I did this:

  1. Take a nice microwave container with enough space in it for half lb. of pasta.
  2. Fill it half full with water.
  3. Add a pinch of salt.  This increases the boiling point and makes it cook the pasta better.
  4. Microwave until the water is boiling (6 minutes for my container).
  5. Carefully take out the container and add half lb. of thin pasta noodles.
  6. Let steep for five minutes.
  7. Microwave for four minutes.
  8. Drain, add sauce, enjoy.

This worked out very nicely.  I ate a small bowl because Holita was cooking the tri-tip.  I did the experiment primarily for three reasons:

  1. I want to learn how to make more low cost food in the microwave.
  2. We had some extra spaghetti meat sauce from last week and it wasn’t going to last much longer.
  3. Holita doesn’t make much starch under the theory that we eat too much.  (Why doesn’t she make Quinoa?  It has very few calories!)

Dinner:  Holita made the old tri-tip (it seemed fine) and some broccoli and some mixed rice.  I ate some of each.


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