Day 13 2/18/2010

Comments:  Wow, being on Carl Jung’s personality scales an “ENTP” makes it hard for me to consistently stick to one thing.  But this idea of eating for a dollar a day is taking on increasing meaning in that I’m thinking about it every day.  I’m still buying things to eat but am conscious of every bit spent.  I even brought up the idea to people at the “grumpy old guys Bible study” that I attended today.  Dave Mould had determined to buy me breakfast.  I tried to keep it inexpensive and so had oatmeal and toast and coffee but was so surprised when it cost over $10!!!  Will not make that mistake again.  I thought the toast was free for some reason.  I don’t know why the guys buy oatmeal AND toast!

Breakfast:  1/2 bowl oatmeal.  Two pieces buttered toast.  Two cups of coffee.

Lunch:  1 small sweet potato microwaved for 7:30 minutes with two tsp. butter.  Filling but not really satisfying.

Comment:  I was looking for some meat in the freezer and found a bag of tacitos (see dinner) and also some old frozen meat packages.  I took out $21 of steak or chuck roast that had been in there since September of 2007!!!  See 2/19/2010.

Dinner:  10 tacitos – corn tortillas wrapped around mystery filling.  They were in the fridge and Holita heated them up in the toaster oven.

Snack:  3 slices bread with Brie cheese.  Holita and Sara made grilled cheese of Brie melted on french bread.  I felt piggish but wow did it taste good………….


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