Day 1

Mahesh Grossman’s blog at described teachers Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard blogging their experiment of eating on just a dollar a day. It inspired me to think in a different way about the overabundance of food that many of us have in the US. So I have shuffled ever so slightly in the direction of eating less and paying more attention.
There’s an “insidious” part of the mind and body at work in this area that disregards conscious effort and marches to the refrigerator to grab a quick snack. I’m not trying to starve it out but will write about efforts to curb it.

Day 1 food so far:
Breakfast: 1 poached egg (used one of those microwave egg poachers, inexpensive, found at your local food store).
Mid-afternoon lunch: 1 $1 double cheeseburger from Burger King and then one 1/8 sized slice of combo pizza my daughter baked int he oven.
Dinner: That’s going to be the challenge: my wife is cooking and her cooking is darn good.

But so far this is not too extravagant. We shall see.

Dinner:  1 full bowl of Holita’s  delicious pasta with meat sauce.   6 almonds.


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